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Tailor-made solutions for innovative therapies

We're taking urologic care to the next level with a comprehensive suite of specialized supplementary devices and solutions designed to streamline use of our novel therapies.

Available solutions and devices

Available solutions and devices

The following products are intended for use with JELMYTO (mitomycin) for pyelocalyceal solution. The information provided below is for US healthcare professionals only.

Chilling Block

The UroGen Pharma Chilling Block supports temperature-controlled chilling with specially-sized chambers for the vials and syringes needed to prepare JELMYTO.

UroJect12 Syringe Lever

A multi-use device, the UroJect12 Syringe Lever enables ease of instillation. JELMYTO is viscous, even when chilled, and must be instilled with the UroJect12 device.

Ureteral Catheter Administration Kit

This kit contains the single-use medical devices that can be used for administration of JELMYTO.

Components included in the kit:

Chilling Block Instructions for Use

UroJect12 Instructions for Use