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We're pioneering bold new possibilities for patients living with urothelial and specialty cancers. Our novel technological advances are breaking down barriers in treatment and building up radically new standards of care.

Together we can transform local therapies—in urology and beyond

The safety and effectiveness of UroGen's investigational product candidates that utilize RTGel technology have not been established.
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Experience RTGel® Technology

Experience RTGel® Technology

Dynamic, reverse-thermal properties

RTGel is an innovative hydrogel that possesses dynamic, reverse-thermal properties—it exists as a liquid at lower temperatures and converts to gel form at body temperature.

Instilled as a chilled liquid

RTGel is designed to be formulated with an active drug and instilled directly into a target organ as a chilled liquid.Instillation under chilled conditions promotes ease of delivery and conformation to the organ's specific anatomy.

Extended dwell time as a gel

As the temperature of the formulation rises to body temperature, it converts to gel form.The formulation is then intended to dwell in the target organ for several hours while providing sustained exposure of the active drug.

Excreted via normal urine flow

RTGel is gradually liquified and excreted via normal urine flow. It does not block or interfere with the flow of urine.

Therapeutic possibilities

The RTGel platform has the potential to advance the treatment of urological conditions by:
  • Increasing dwell time and exposure of active drugs, potentially improving the therapeutic effects of existing products
  • Potentially increasing the viability of organ-sparing techniques and providing alternatives to radical surgery