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JELMYTO® (mitomycin) for pyelocalyceal solution
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Urologic solutions intended for use with our products
Chilling Block

A Chilling Block supports temperature-controlled chilling with chambers appropriately sized for the vials and syringes needed to prepare JELMYTO.

Uroject12 Syringe Lever

A multiuse device, the Uroject12 Syringe Lever enables ease of instillation. JELMYTO is viscous, even when chilled, and must be instilled with the Uroject12 device.


The Chilling Block and Uroject12 Syringe Lever are available at no cost to requesting licensed US physicians and licensed US institutions. Limit 1 per customer. Other terms and conditions apply and may be subject to change at any time within the discretion of UroGen Pharma. To request a Chilling Block or Uroject12 Syringe Lever, submit your information to supplies@urogen.com.

UroGen's provision of the Chilling Block and Uroject12 Syringe Lever at no cost to requesting licensed US physicians and licensed US institutions is not conditioned on any use, prescription, purchase, or recommendation of JELMYTO (or any other UroGen Pharma product).

Kit Materials

Kit Materials

The following items are found in the Ureteral Catheter Administration Kit (UCAK) provided by UroGen Pharma
20 mL Syringe
20 mL Syringe (2)
On Guard® 2 Adapter
OnGuard®2 CSTD Syringe Adaptor (2)
7 Fr Ureteral Catheter
7 Fr Ureteral Catheter (1)